What Do You Know About The Lined Butterfly Valve?




As we know that in industry industrialist uses different types of valves. And there are the majority of slurry valves present in the market. Which valve you must select is a big question. In this article, we will see some advantages of the lined butterfly valve over other valves like the slurry valve. Before anything else, let us know about the lined butterfly valve. So, here we go. 

What is a lined butterfly valve? 

The lined butterfly valve is designed in such a way that its disc rotates at an angle of 90. It is either fully closed or opened. Hence, it is useful for controlling the flow of the fluid. However, it leaves some slurry valves material in the pipeline. Hence, it has a disc that blocks the passage. Moreover, if you want the partial opening, then the lined butterfly valve in Australia also allows this. 

The advantages of the lined butterfly valve: 

However, the lined butterfly valve has many advantages, and it has become the most favourite choice among many industrialists. So, the main advantage is available at cheap prices. Moreover, these slurry valves is light in weight and can be installed in a limited space. Hence, the lined butterfly valve is very reliable. If at any time any emergency occurs, then this valve can be opened and closed without the external force. Hence, it is good in all aspects. However, the thing has advantages and disadvantages too. So, the lined butterfly valve has some disadvantages that are listed below. 

Disadvantages of the lined butterfly valve: 

The lined butterfly valve has one disadvantage over another valve, and that is pressure. The valves are mainly designed for the passage of the thick material, so in this case, where the liquid is thicker, turning the slurry valves in Australia disc close is quite a difficult task. Hence, the disc cannot afford the pressure of the thickness. 

Types of lined butterfly valve: 

Hence, different types of lined butterfly valves are used in the industries. Following is the list of types of lined butterfly valve. 

Rubber lined butterfly valve: 

The rubber-lined butterfly valve is less expensive. It is usable in the low-temperature application. Normally, it has 150 to 300 flanges. 

Plastic lined butterfly valve: 

When the industry has to pass the hard chemicals from the slurry valves, then they can use the plastic butterfly valve. The normal flanges in this type are 150. 

Metal lined butterfly valve: 

When the liquid has to deal with high pressure and temperature, then this type is best suitable. The number of flanges present in this type is 150 to 2500. 


In a nutshell, the lined butterfly valve is best in many situations and is one of the most favourite valves among the industrialists. 

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