Skinny Ties – A Fashion Statement For Generations

Skinny ties are similar to the normal neckties, with a slight difference being, they are never wide. Their width is lesser as compared to normal ties, and they give an elegant look to the one wearing it.  They are quite in vogue these days among the fashion conscious younger generation. These fashionable accessories can be worn with both casual and formal clothing.  There are a large number of varieties of skinny ties. However, none of them is wider than 3 inches. Most of them are two and a half inches wide. The skinny ties became popular in the late 1950’s when the Beatles started wearing them. There was a cult around the world and these ties were a fashion statement in themselves.

Wearing these ties, the youth felt modernised and there was a cult called the mods that became popular in all parts of the world.  These fashionable ties give you a lot of versatility, when it comes to choosing cloths for different locations, because they are compatible with almost anything. The skinny ties are not only fashion statement, sometimes they give a new look to the same dress. A skinny tie is a great fashion accessory. There is a huge industry that manufactures these ties in a great variety and options. Here are a few types of the long sleeve tees online available in the market, get more info.

Single ColourA simple single colour tie is a great choice, if you can choose the colour that suits you and your outfit. A single colour tie is a great choice in formal attire.

StripesThere are striped ties that have more than one colour on them and they have a major advantage that they can go along with many dresses. They are most suitable for formal occasions.

Chequered These are the ties, which are good to go with any kind of dress and any occasion. They blend in with many types of attires, be it a meeting, a presentation, or a party you can wear it anywhere you want.

DottedAnother popular design in dotted, a plain tie with dots of other colour. It is a casual tie, but one can wear it on a regular office day. It looks great and vibrant.

DesignerWhen you buy a designer checked shirts online, you are doing something out of the league. The designer skinny ties are great looking and gather a lot of eyeballs. People try to look at the design and get fixated.These are the different variations of skinny ties. When the skinny ties got popular in the twentieth century, they were plain and simple. Now, they are a style statement available in different shades, styles and patterns they are great looking.

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