Is Vascular Treatment A Good Option For Scars? Here Are 3 Tips You Should Know

Most women are conscious of having flawless skin. Have you started noticing red lines on the surface your skin in the face or body? This is a result of enlarged blood vessels (capillaries) on the surface of your skin. They are present in any part of the body, but mostly seen on the face near the nose and cheeks. This can be caused due to the sun, or genetics, which have been found to be common causes. Here’s news! You need not worry, there’s a remedy to make these lines vanish. If you are wondering how, these 3 tips can help you get rid of these red lines:

Which treatment is suitable?

There are many treatments at present, which have been used to treat dermatological problems. These include invasive surgery, scelotherapy, and laser treatment. Therefore depending on the condition and advice of a dermatologist, you can choose the best. One such recommended treatment for vascular skin problem is resorting to a vein laser Auckland treatment option. It has proven to be an effective method of treating these types of scars.

It is highly recommended to discuss, and consult with your doctor before deciding. So conduct a through examination of your condition, and decide if you can undergo this treatment. Also enquire about the size of the area of the skin that needs treatment, as it causes little or no discomfort over other treatments. In addition, a benefit of this treatment is that, it does not damage veins or unaffected vascular areas.

How long does it take, and does it cause bruising?

The duration of the vascular laser treatment depends on the severity of one’s condition. The risk of the treatment is very low, and anesthesia is not required. The procedure may take just fifteen minutes to a day. The patients are given protective eyewear before the surgery. Additionally, the average number of sessions required for optimal results range from one to three sessions. In general the treatment is conducted as an outpatient procedure. See this post for additional information about varicose vein clinic Auckland.

After conducting the procedure, some individuals may develop mild sunburn sensations. In some cases bruising may occur, which disappear within a matter of a few days. These problems are temporary, and do not require additional treatment.

Things to do prior to and after the treatment

You are required to remove all make-up and skin products before the treatment. Individuals with other medical complications, will be advised to avoid medication such as Asprin, Motrin, and Ibuprofen, one week prior to the treatment. After the treatment, one should avoid sun exposure.

Get an individualized recovery plan depending on your condition and lifestyle. Based on the aforementioned tips and information, stop worrying, meet your dermatologist and wave good bye to those scars.

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