DIY Semi Medical Procedures That No Longer Require A Professional

Time was when we would run to the doctor for everything from a sneeze to a ruptured lung. Today there is a plethora of instruments out there that are adapted for home use and therefore do not require the knowledge and skill of a doctor all the time. There is no denying that it would be better to have a doctor present because their experience cannot be matched, however the following equipment and instruments have since made a lot of lives easier:

Checking Your Blood Pressure

Remember the old days when a doctor or nurse would wrap a cuff around your forearm, attach it to a mercury blood pressure meter and then pump air into the cuff by hand in order to read your blood pressure level? How have times changed. Today you can buy a digital blood pressure meter that works off batteries or electricity and whose cuff will inflate on its own when you wrap it around your arm and press a button. The LED display will even warn you if your blood pressure is above or below a pre-entered average, flashing red and beeping.

Whitening Your Teeth

The dreaded dentist appointments, when you sit in the chair with your mouth open for hours while the dentist applies paste to your teeth and then cleans it out are gone. Today you can buy teeth whitening kits at your local pharmacy.

Along with a handheld LED teeth whitening accelerator unit that emits a blue light not unlike the ones at the dentist. All you have to do is apply the paste overnight, put in the retainer and then hold the light over your teeth for some minutes in the morning before rinsing it off. It is not as immediately effective as going to the dentist but it saves a lot of time since you have to carry out the procedure over 10-20 applications every day.

Checking Your Glucose Level

Like your blood pressure, even glucose levels can measures at home these days. You stick a pin in your finger to draw a drop of blood, blotch it on the given strip of paper and then feed the paper into the glucometer. After a few beeps and whirrs it will display the reading on a LED display screen or print out the result on a small slip of paper. Some meters are even equipped enough to warn the patient when their glucose levels are too high or low. This way, you can avoid the long trip to the clinic where they extract a phial full of blood for a test that takes hours due to backlog. Get detailed info about teeth whitening in Auckland here.

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