Things To Know Before Moving To New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty and also for its good conditions (except the cold). After its hitch in fame following the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand has become a hotspot for people who want to move to the country. But before moving there, you will need to know the cold hard facts that might end up giving you trouble otherwise.

It gets cold; really really cold

If you know your geography then you also know that New Zealand is too close to Antarctica for anyone’s health and wellbeing. The houses in the country are low build quality and it can get really cold during the winter due to the almost no insulation in the houses. You will have to get used to dampness and also be ready to burn out half your body’s water during summer. You will have to figure out your own methods of insulating the house as needed, but be aware that it can be pretty expensive to fix up the house. So when you are thinking of buying a house in New Zealand, it is better for you to wait till one of the modern houses free up and buying it instead; since the old-style country houses will freeze you during winter no matter how much you board up the windows.

Natural disasters galore

From volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis to wildfire, New Zealand is regularly wreaked with havoc. So unless you are ready to flee for your life whenever you feel the earth moving or see something red or blue coming your way, this country may not be for you. You can get lawyers in Parramatta to insure you against the disasters and other anomalies.

Cost of living is higher than most think

The cost of living and buying groceries and other must-haves are huge bills that will take-up three quarter chunk your paycheck. Utility bills are also very expensive, and especially if you want heaters and air conditioning installed.  Furniture and also other equipment tend to be expensive. So unless you are from a country and are already used to having your fresh apple cost you a bit, then be ready for wailing about your salary. Check with your local immigration lawyer Parramatta NSW about the comparisons between your current costs of living and the ones in New Zealand to give you an idea. Also beware that New Zealand is farther away from other countries (except Australia) than you realize. So if you want to go visit your family every summer or winter, then you will need to have a small fortune with you to facilitate that.

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