Factors to Consider When Designing a Green Home

A home should give you the warmth needed after a busy day’s work. A home is where your family, possessions and things you treasure will be. Therefore, making sure that this particular place is up to standards is an important point in your life. If you are to buy a house, then it is highly important that you consider certain factors before doing so. Similarly, if you are building one, there certain aspects that you need to look into, and with the trend of sustainable development, the making of green homes is slowly becoming a common practice. Following are some of the factors that you need to consider if you are building a green home.


Reduction of square footage; his should be the main aim of your green house. Lesser the square feet, the lesser energy consumption your house will need. Therefore, it is vital to be careful when selecting how much space you need. If you live alone, you will not so much space as to fit in a family of ten. A house with a maximum of two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen will be more than enough to fulfil your everyday needs. In contrary, you can make use of the rest of the land to maintain a beautiful garden which will also keep you occupied during free times.

How is the energy supplied?

As this house will be considered as a green house, the energy supply needs to be provided through natural resources. Therefore, in such house designs it is a must to ensure that electricity is flowing through a natural power source. How can achieve this? While solar panels and solar systems are the most commonly used sources of energy, wind power and geothermal systems too can be used in this aspect in order to provide power for heating, cooling and electricity of the house.

Solar power

Why use solar energy? As we all know, solar power can be conserved, if not, there is so much energy that goes to waste each day. So, why not make the best use of it when we have the chance? When you purchase a property from house and land packages in Clarinda Park, it does not mean that your house needs to be built in the traditional methods with the usual energy supplies but build a greenhouse that can stand out from all.


The site is the basic requirement right now. When you select the site, you need to see if it fulfils all your requirements; whether you wanted a wetland, a farmland etc. Make sure you purchase what you have planned for and what you believe is most appropriate for your green house.

If all such factors have been taken into consideration, your green home dream will not be too far ahead!

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