Detailed Review About Dental Crown

Teeth have the same importance in the human body as other parts. But usually, people never give adequate attention to them. Usually, people assume brushing the teeth twice a day and using mouth wash will be enough for their oral care. This is not the case. As now, most of the food consumed by us, have sugar content, phosphorous etc. These ingredients can damage our teeth over time and with the deteriorating health of the teeth, multiple problems disturb our daily life. People have the wrong idea that dental problems are not serious whereas it can lead to many serious diseases. Not only diseases it also makes daily life miserable because you won’t be able to eat or drink properly. Especially if any of your teeth broke or worn down, that will can cause gum injury during chewing, which will lead to other infections. To overcome this issue, now dental aesthetics have offered many solutions to overcome damaged teeth. The dental clinic in Burwood is said to be the most common and popular method. Now it seems like a routine to get the dental crown and if you feel any following discrepancy in your teeth, you must go for it. 

Teeth have cavities and they are usually liveable. But few cavities are deep enough that it can only be covered with a dental crown

Any mishap or accident can cause tooth or teeth loss. If you think necessary to bridge the gap

Few people have weak or worn-down teeth by nature. The dental crown is perfect to strengthen your teeth 

If you have damaged tooth or discolouring problem, the dental crown can be a good fix

 Types of Crown

The crown can be made from different types of material. We all know that in past, usually metal is used for crowning but now there is also another synthetic material which can work even better than metal.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is used for a temporary crown, because before getting the fixed crown. The dentist will cover your tooth with the temporary crown, that temporary crown is made of stainless steel. 

Metals: There is a wide range of metals used for dental crown like gold, platinum, cobalt, chromium etc. Still, metal crowns are very much in demand because they are durable but metal will only be fixed with its natural colour, so they cannot be hidden and loudly visible.

Porcelain: The Porcelain crown are popular nowadays. The biggest advantage of the porcelain crown is their appearance. The colour of the crown can be matched with neighbouring original teeth. After the implant, this is very difficult to spot the difference between the crown and original teeth. But they susceptible to wear and tear, need replacement after a few years

Zirconia: The zirconia is relatively new material in use for the dental crown. Like porcelain, they are also perfect for aesthetic appeal and the added advantage they are more durable. The risk of chipping-off and breakage is significantly lower than the porcelain. 

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